Opus 3 - 40th Anniversary Celebration Album SACD

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Opus 3 happily present their "40th Anniversary Celebration Album" which is very different from all previous samplers"!

It not only looks back into their 40 year recording history, it also looks into the future! You will find 7 tracks from 4 different albums before their release.

- Two tracks from the upcoming album "Blues Barn" album, with B.B. Leon and Triple Treat - a real rock/blues album.

- Two tracks from "Opus 3 Artists Sing Tony Sheridan". He was the man the Beatles met and recorded with in Hamburg before the broke through! He has written so many great songs which is to be found on this album!

- Two tracks from "Tiny Island Vol.II". This group need no closer presentation - behind Eric Bibb on his breakthrough album; "Spirit & The Blues" and also on "Good Stuff".

- One track from the upcoming album from the band Kustbandet which was one of their earliest groups recorded by Opus 3 in Stockholm way back in 1975 but that recording is only available as a MasterCopy or in DSD128.

1. Numbers On The Sun - from "Opus 3 Artists Sing Tony Sheridan" (vocals: Bottleneck John)
2. Gentle Rain - from Yamina, "How Deep Is The Ocean"
3. Bentonia - from "Tiny Island Vol. II"
4. Going Home - from Eric Bibb, "Rainbow People"
5. Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues - from Bottleneck John, "All Around Man"
6. Hail Storm - from B.B. Leon & Triple Treat, "Blues Barn"
7. Open Road - from "Opus 3 Artists Sing Tony Sheridan" ( vocals: Maria Winther)
8. Round Midnight - from Johan Dielemans Trio, "Round Midnight"
9. My Foolish Heart - from Yamina, "How Deep Is The Ocean"
10. Let Me Call You Sweetheart - from Lars Erstrand With Guests, "The Complete Songs"
11. Indian Cradle Song - from "Kustbandet"
12. Maria (Bo Nordin) - from B.B. Leon & Triple Treat, "Blues Barn"
13. Blues Opus 3 - from Kjell Ohman, "The Hammond Connection"
14. Lonesome Valley - from Bottleneck John, "All Around Man"
15. Mias Advent - from "Tiny Island Vol. II"
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847)
16. Allegro di molto - from Stockholm Guitar Quartet, "Mendelssohn-Brahms-Debussy"
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
17. Komm susser Tod - from The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble, "Musica Sacra"
Andre Jolivet (1905-1974)
18. Hymne a l'univers (Excerpt) - from Mattias Wager, "Hymne a l'univers"
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