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'The Hunter' was released 5 years after her breakthrough with 'Famous Blue Raincoat'. A TOP 100 LP when first released in 1992, The Hunter's audiophile credibility is best summed up by Elliot Scheiner's Grammy nominated recording and mix. It contains the charting single "Rock You Gently", a sonically dense yet expansive cover of The Waterboys' classic "The Whole of the Moon", a soulful Jennifer Warnes/Leonard Cohen composition "Way Down Deep", Todd Rundgren's "Pretending to Care" and even a Donald Fagen tune ("Big Noise, New York"). She owns every tune here, backed by a-list session players who ground the songs with solid and unobtrusive authority, letting Jennifer's peerless interpretive skills bring the soul of every lyric to the forefront. Ms. Warnes uses her voice to serve the lyric and this allows the song to return the favor.

Limitiert und nummeriert auf weltweit 8000 Stück!

1. Rock You Gently
2. Somewhere, Somebody
3. Big Noise, New York
4. True Emotion
5. Pretending To Care
6. The Whole Of The Moon
7. Lights Of Lousianne
8. Way Down Deep
9. The Hunter
10. I Can't Hide

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