Harry Belafonte - Live In Concert At The Carnegie Hall K2 HD CD (2CD)

Harry Belafonte - Live In Concert At The Carnegie Hall K2 HD CD (2CD) Harry Belafonte - Live In Concert At The Carnegie Hall K2 HD CD (2CD)
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This double disc set contains the complete live performance of Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall from April 19th and 20th, 1959. "You can count on one hand the number of times recording microphones happen to be "on the scene" at the right time and the right place to capture an inspired moment of performance. This is one of those few. "What started as an almost reckless recording risk turned into another giant statement in the Belafonte story. The idea of taping the two Carnegie Hall Benefit performances was not Harry's; we asked for it, part hunch, part wild gamble. "Recording hazards were many - immense preparations and permissions with musicians, stage hands and the hall - microphoning a performer who roamed all over the stage, shouted, whispered, provoked audience singing - accompaniments which varied from a 47-piece symphony to a single guitar and bongos - and, above all, the one-time-only chance for a good pickup and performance.

"What happened April 19th and 20th is historic even at Carnegie. There are always ways of explaining and analyzing after the fact. There must have been a special performance challenge in Belafonte's first Carnegie Hall program, for example. There was also the sharp exhilaration for soloist and audience sharing the same emotional setting: a huge house packed two nights in a row for a splendid charity. Each song was a familiar and famous high spot from a remarkable career.

"All of these undoubtedly added their impetus and made this concert soar. The exciting fact is that we can actually hear it as it happened. Belafonte's spontaneous sorcery with an audience is on disc for the first time. Through the expectant audience hush, the beating introduction, the opening shots of Darlin' Cora, the Belafonte high voltage mounts by the moment. This is Belafonte 'live'.

"Almost one whole side has been reserved for the concert climax: the famous uncut Belafonte treatment of Matilda. All Carnegie Hall sings and rocks - the same mighty crescendo which took place at a packed Waldorf Ballroom, Lewisohn Stadium and personal appearances everywhere. But this time for all of us via microphone and tape machine.

"There has been no re-recording of rehearsals or second tries, no splicing (there rarely is even on Belafonte studio performances). This is what actually happened. The same songs were programmed both evenings. Performances selected here are about equally divided between the two nights." - Recording notes by Bob Boliard

CD 1:

1. A: Introduction B: Darlin' Cora
2. Sylvie
3. Cotton Fields
4. John Henry
5. Take My Mother Home
6. The Marching Saints
7. Day O
8. Jamaica Farewell
9. Man Piaba
10. All My trials
CD 2:
1. Mama Look A Boo Boo
2. Come Back Lisa
3. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
4. Hava Nageela
5. Danny Boy
6. Merci Bon Dieu (from the "Haitian Suite")
7. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma
8. Shenandoah
9. Matilda

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