Genesis - Spot The Pigeon Blue Vinyl LP

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The three songs that comprise "Spot The Pigeon" were recorded during the Wind & Wuthering sessions. This was Genesis' final studio release before guitarist Steve Hackett's departure later in 1977. The rest of the band included, Mike Rutherford on guitars and bass, Tony Banks on keyboards and Phil Collins on drums, percussion and vocals. The songwriting on the record returned to the sound of early Genesis and showcased the Banks-Collins-Rutherford compositions with Steve Hackett contributing to the writing chores on 'Inside And Out'.

The album basically marked the end of Genesis' progressive era and hinted at the radio-friendly pop structures that would dominate the music on the band's subsequent albums. The title is a variation on the football-themed spot the ball, replacing the word "ball" with "pigeon" so that the title links the themes of the first two songs.

Collector's Edition
Mastered by Kevin Gray
12" Blue Vinyl EP
Special Dual Speed Limited Edition
Record Store Day Release: 21.04.2012

Side 1: 45 rpm
Match Of The Day
Inside And Out

Side 2: 33 rpm
Match Of The Day
Inside And Out
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