• Hyperion Knight - The Magnificent Steinway CD

  • Classical Jazz - Swinging Classical By The John Whitney Trio Ultra HD CD

  • Feelings Of The Piano Of Jerome Etnom Ultra HD CD

  • On Million Dollar Strings - The Artistry Of Guillermo Figueroa CD

  • Reference Recordings - Orchestral Anthology Ultra HD CD

  • Gerry Mulligan - Paraiso: Jazz Brazil 2LP-Box oop

  • Decca: Supreme Stereophonic Legacy (Schmuckschuber) Ultra HD CD (4-CD-Set + Buch)

  • Decca: Supreme Stereophonic Legacy Volume I-IV Ultra HD CD (4-CD-Set)

  • Charles Rosenkrans & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Royal Strings Ultra HD CD

  • Jacques Loussier Trio - Ravels Bolero Ultra HD CD

  • Jacques Loussier Trio - The Best Of Play Bach 2LP-Box oop

    Jacques Loussier Trio - The Best Of Play Bach 2LP-Box oop
  • Gerry Mulligan with Jane Duboc - Paraiso: Jazz Brazil Ultra HD CD

  • Michael Camilo - Triangulo Ultra HD CD

  • Monty Alexander - Stir It Up: The Music Of Bob Marley Ultra HD CD

  • Ray Brown - Some Of My Best Friends Are... Singers Ultra HD CD

  • Todd Crow - Steinway The Beautiful Ultra HD CD

  • Jeremy Monteiro - A Song For You, Karen Ultra HD CD oop

  • Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra - Ravel: Bolero Ultra HD CD

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