Duke Ellington - Indigos LP

Duke Ellington - Indigos LP Duke Ellington - Indigos LP
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Impex Records makes your nights a little bit cooler with this Limited Edition, 180 Gram All-Analog shot of pure Duke at his most soulfully nocturnal. An elegant, romantic set of ballads from the master of American large-group jazz. Available for the first time in Pristine 180g Vinyl! Mastered by Kevin Gray and limited to only 2500 pressings!

Ellington Indigos is a 1958 jazz album by Duke Ellington. Indigos features performances of jazz standards such as "Mood Indigo", "Autumn Leaves", "Prelude To A Kiss" and more!

Seite 1:
1. Solitude
2. Where Or When
3. Mood Indigo
4. Autumn Leaves
Seite 2:
1. Prelude To A Kiss
2. Willow Weep For Me
3. Tenderly
4. Dancing In The Dark

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