Bert 'East' Ostlund - Pathfinder SACD

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  • Veröffentlichung: 2006
  • Format: Hybrid Multichannel SACD
  • ArtikelNr.: CD22061
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Pathfinder is a unique guitar album with a width that covers many different styles and genres - to put at label on it, is really not possible. The musical paths of Bert "East" Ostlund does not only takes us to Detroit, Newcastle and Nashville, but also to Rio and Paris. He has composed and arranged all music by himself and brings us, with all his guitars, both acoustic and electric, to great musical heights and where his Telecaster and Strat is mostly up front!

1. Pathfinder
2. Paddle Steamer
3. Cafe Oasis
4. Calm Beach
5. La Petit Pain
6. Reflections Of The Sun
7. The Milky Way
8. Cliffhanger
9. Spanga Station
10. Poco Loco
11. Au Revoir
12. Sweet Talkin'
13. Guitar Stumble
14. Snow Crystals

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